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June, 2023

New & Hot

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KIMA Braid 3X, Ocean Wave, Ripple Deep, Brazilian Twist

KIMA Braid 3X Collection, KOW3X, KRD3X, KBT3X

We are reintroducing our beloved KIMA Ocean Wave 20″, Ripple Deep 20″ and Brazilian Twist 20″, but this time in a 3X Value Pack solution. The 3X Value Pack will give customers more hair at a lower price. Those products have been loved by consumers for its soft touch and braiding quality

SMART HD Closure

Add Smartness to HD Closure, SHS, SHN


Harlem 125 is launching their new product, SMART HD Lace Closure. SMART HD Lace Closure, short for “Shed Free”, “Melted Hairline”, “Air Ventilation”, “Realistic Skin”, and “Tied Knot Less”, has overcome the existing Lace Closure shortcomings by applying new production techniques.

Kima Spring Twist

KST08, KST12


Kima Spring Twist is also called as Passion Twist or Bomb Twist because of its style. The style is very natural, fun, fashionable, and low maintenance