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December, 2023

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Slayed Edge is going viral in Social Media!

Slayce Collection is a LACE WIG with the Slayed Edge style, which has recently become very popular in social media, and is released in a total of seven new products. Baby Hair that extends from the front parting to lay down as Side Hairline, creating a chic look for modern women. Hairlines, hand-tied with Ultra HD Lace material, effortlessly achieve a natural and perfect SLAYED EDGE style.


9ST24, 9ST30

KIMA Signature Line introduces Human Hair Blend Clip-In Hair products (Straight 24”, 30”). These products seamlessly blend with the consumer’s natural hair, responding quickly to a Curling Iron for easy and versatile styling. Each pack consists of a total of 9 pieces, enabling complete styling with one pack (3” Weft 3pcs, 5” Weft 3pcs, 7” Weft 2pcs, 10” Weft 1pcs). Featuring a 12A Remy-grade touch and tangle-free.


Left or Right! Instant Style Switch

We’re thrilled to introduce the ‘Hot Split’ UHD Lace Wig, a versatile product that lets customers create trendy styles with vibrant color combinations. Depending on the parting, they can achieve various looks, including Piano Color, Split Color, and Face Front Color. This wig features a 13 x 5-inch Ear to Ear Lace for natural styling with left or right parts and includes BABY HAIR on the HD LACE, ensuring a stylish and natural hairline. Styling is easy with compatibility for a Curling Iron with High-Temp Fiber.

KIMA Braid 3X, Ocean Wave, Ripple Deep, Brazilian Twist

KIMA Braid 3X Collection, KOW3X, KRD3X, KBT3X

We are reintroducing our beloved KIMA Ocean Wave 20″, Ripple Deep 20″ and Brazilian Twist 20″, but this time in a 3X Value Pack solution. The 3X Value Pack will give customers more hair at a lower price. Those products have been loved by consumers for its soft touch and braiding quality